Claires PVC FFM 3 Some Pt2

A dash of PVC, a horny lady wanting to have the best of both worlds and a rampant cock eager to fuck both of us and you have a recipe for an absolutely fanfuckingtastic afternoon of debauchery. Claire xx –  (Gallery) 

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Glass Dildo Pt1

I had been out for a spot of Retail Therapy and bought myself a sexy Baby Doll Nighty and a pair of Fluffy heels but more importantly I got a glass double ended dildo which I just know my Girlfriends are going to enjoy sharing with me but for now I n…

Hard Core First Time Pt4

Willing to indulge your sexual fantasies without any limit, it would be a pleasure for us as a couple today to enjoy everyday life with you with the new thing experiences in personal, cultural and sexual matters, come with us and enjoy the wild life …

Naked Window Cleaning

I like to be naked and do everything as well the housework as window cleaning completely naked . Look how it looks. Should I with you also so the window cleaning. –  (Gallery) 

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Sweet Feet Satin

Lounging in my satin Pyjama you cum Pamper my bare feet Soft sexy satin pj’s on my red painted toes need to be pampered, my wrinkled sole needs to be licked with your wet tongue. pamper my bare feet and you can cum for me. –  (Video) 

Big Bad Dildo Pt1

Girdlegoddess and her new Big Bad Dildo, are about to have a wonderful afternooner CUM while you watch my luv…xo –  (Video) 

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Sundaes Are Fun Days

“Would you like to have some ice-cream with me?” Paola Rios asks in Spanish. Don’t worry if you can’t understand the language. English subtitles have been provided. And besides, Paola speaks our universal language, Boobish. “You can watch it drip fro…

Bunny’s Nurse Service

Admit it. Bunny De La Cruz is the hot nurse of a patient’s most sexually-charged dreams. Nurse Bunny is a pro at handling prostate problems. She can clean out your tubes in record time with her tongue and lips. Every hospital patient in the world f…

Horny Hire

“I don’t hire just any man for the job. He has to be tough and strong, but also have the intuition to know when to be suave and gentle. The best way to test them is to see how they suck my toes and fuck my pussy. It also lets me know how well they ta…

Smoking In A Leather Jacket

Off cum my legging to reveal I was not wearing panties again. As many of the ladies and gents discovered at the swingers party. I do love a cock followed by a good ladt to lick me out. Then to relax a nice cigarette. –  (Gallery) 

Switch Fuck Pt1

I get all kinds of flexible sucking and fucking in this one. I get her off first then I shoot my cum all over her stockings and her shoe. –  (Video) 

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The Hotest New Starlet Pt1

You won’t believe it, however, when you see how well this woman uses her cock to command and fuck her man. Eva takes her real life experience with BDSM and her love of porn and explodes on screen. She is full throttle from the start and her cock is t…

See Us See Us Pt2

Lay Me Back and Eat my Bald Pussy While I wank you watching our home made pornI had a nast little voyeuristic kinky idea. I told my boy we need to watch us fucking and sucking and getting covered in cum while we fuck, suck and blast cum too His cock …

Dildo Fucking On The Sofa Pt2

At home on the Sofa.Fun with my Double Dildo.Sweater on and Pants anyway none.So in with my Joker.And you since in close-up as he enters my Cunt. –  (Gallery) 

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CBT With Riding Crop

A good work session of the balls of my slave as I like them where I really enjoyed stretching and compressing his small nuts and hit them with my riding crop, I also hit his small dick and his ass. –  (Video) 

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Dodgy Suspender Belt Pt2

Having helped me get my broken suspender belt fastened,old Fred proceeds to try and ruin his good work.The randy bastard knobs me all over the place penetrating my cunt and my fartpipe nozzle. –  (Video) 

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An Angel For XL Men

Calfornia girl-next-door Angel DeLuca, an exotic blend of Irish, Italian, Japanese and German, has silver dollar-sized areolae that drive guys nuts. Angel’s thrill when she masturbates is heightened knowing that she is being watched. That’s a born …

Orgy In The Living Room

Dimonty Molly and Pandora are chatting on the sofa waiting for the boys to arrive. To pass the time they decide to compare underwear. Soon the boys arrive and the girls soon have them stripped and there cocks out. –  (Video)