Why Are Private Live Sex Shows So Expensive?

Are camgirls greedy?

Okay, so you're at your favorite camsite and you spy this beautiful blonde that really gets your attention. Your cock gets hard as a rock watching her. The sound of her voice drives you crazy and you just have to see all of her. You want her to fill all of her holes, to cum, to scream your name on top or her lungs while she's cumming for you. Cumming for you and only you. She's driving you insane with desire. You have to have her now. So you click the button requesting a private show and your heart just about skips a beat when you see her per-minute-rate. You're thinking what the hell? Is this bitch greedy or what? This is outrageous! Why is she charging so much? No way in fucking hell is this fair!

Well, she is not greedy. Not at all. I'll break it down for you and maybe you'll understand where she's coming from and why she has to charge such high rates. The blonde that's driving you nuts is not getting paid while she is chatting with you and teasing you in free chat. She only gets paid during shows. She may spend hours in free chat not making a dime for her time. In order to make a living she has to charge high rates for private shows to make up for all the unpaid time she spends online entertaining all the guys just like you in free chat.

Okay, you get that. Cost shifting. That makes sense. But hell, you've watched her leaving for private shows and returning back to free chat several times. You're adding up the numbers thinking damn she's making a killing. Yeah, she could charge less. She's greedy.

Well, you're not seeing the whole picture. She's not making a killing and here is why. The blonde that you like is only getting paid 30-50% of what she is charging you depending on the camsite she is using for her broadcast. The remaining 50-70% goes toward camsite operation and maintenance costs, marketing expenses, payment processors, etc. If the blonde is unfortunate enough to work for a studio instead of being an independent model she actually gets only half of the 30-50% and the other half goes to the studio that she works for. This can be good money depending on the country the blonde lives in. If she lives in the United States, she's just making a living, not a killing.

So no, camgirls are not greedy. They are trying to make a living doing something that they enjoy. So next time you click the private show button in a chat room please don't berate the model saying she's greedy. Odds are she's just scraping by. If you enjoy her tease or her show please reward her with a tip. She deserves it!

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