The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On The Heat Is On

Nikki Armand finds her big tits in capable hands. The brunette newcomer gets a cock provided by none other than JMac. Nikki greets JMac by cat-walking on the bed over to him. JMac buries his face in Nikki's cleavage at first, sucking her nips and squeezing her breast-flesh. Her boobs have large areolae and lots of bounce to the ounce.

JMac gives her tits some smacks, then puts her own hands on them and tells her to squeeze them for him while he watches and to hold them for him as an offering so he can continue to suck on them hands-free.

Nikki hangs her boobs over him so he can play with them as they dangle. He tells her to rub his junk while he fills his face with titty. He jiggles them using her slip, then smacks them. He can tell she likes being manhandled. Nikki shakes her tits over him while he enjoys the show. He has her shake her tits without her hands, using her waist movements to rotate her upper body. Then he fucks her good and hard. She takes his dick in her hand and jerks him off on her fat tits.

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