Not Your Usual Neighbor

Not Your Usual Neighbor Not Your Usual Neighbor

We pride ourselves on getting photos and videos of amateur girls-next-door. Of course, not every girl-next-door is a 20something with C-cups and a skinny frame. Some of them are thick, tatted and horny as fuck.

Meet Alexis, the 30-year-old office assistant from Jacksonville, Florida. She's 5'7", 150 pounds and wears 38B-cup bras. And, guys, when we tell you that she's wild, we really mean it.

"I masturbate at least seven times a week. It doesn't have to be daily. Sometimes, I get so horny, I grab whatever I can find in the shape of a cock and shove it up my cunt. My favorite dildo is the kind that has the suction on the bottom and you can stick it to the wall or the floor.'

We asked Alexis about her craziest sexual encounter. "When I was 18, my brother had his girlfriend over, but she was having sex with his friend in my sister's bed. I was drinking a little, and I was bored and curious, so I went into the room and began licking her pussy. Her boyfriend went crazy and got some ice cream. Chocolate, I think it was. He put it on the crack of her asshole and made me lick it up!"

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