It’s Nature’s Way

A swingers point of view.

Studies have shown that initial sexual attraction and subsequent romantic love is caused by pheromones that are released by our bodies. Studies have also shown that the initial strong bond that exists between a lot of couples will weaken in most cases after approximately 3.5 years, thus allowing just enough time for any offspring to complete infancy. These study conclusions lead me to believe that monogamy is not what nature has intended for the human race.

It is in nature's interest to have the human gene pool as diversified as possible to ensure the continued survival of the human race. Lack of diversity within the gene pool could lead to gene mutations that may impact the ultimate survival of the human species. Take a look at the medical history of European royal families and you can see some of the gene mutations that can be caused by a limited gene pool. The essence of monogamy reduces the diversity within the human gene pool. Therefore I believe that monogamy is unnatural i.e. against nature.

So if monogamy is unnatural, why does society expect us to be monogamous? Why is monogamy status quo? Why does society impose a standard on us that goes against nature? Perhaps because it is in society's interest to not have the sheep stray from the flock and monogamy helps to maintain order within society.

Furthermore, where does monogamy come from? I believe that monogamy is a human invention that is thrust upon us by a society that is based in puritan roots. It reflects the archaic belief that a woman belongs to a man i.e. is a man's property. In earlier times it was fueled by now outdated economic necessity and to this day is forced upon us by religious beliefs.

So if monogamy is unnatural, can it cause damage to the individual or the couple? Of course it can. By being monogamous we are striving to achieve a state that is against nature. Nature demands diversity in the human gene pool to ensure the survival of the species and human beings are hardwired to satisfy nature's demands. Some individuals will cave in to nature's demands and cheat on their partners. Other individuals will deny their primal urges thus cheating themselves by remaining faithful. Cheating on a partner or self-denial can cause undue stress within the individual that can have a negative impact on the relationship as a couple. Stress can also have a major impact on overall life expectancy of the individual.

We can either live in harmony with nature or we can maintain society's status quo. These are our choices. What will you do? Will you be a good little sheep and not stray from the flock? Or will you have the intestinal fortitude to cast off the chains society placed on you and live life in accordance with nature and by your own terms?

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